Toguri, James Makoto

BASc, MASc, PhD 
5T5 Metallurgical 
Inducted: 1995 

James Toguri’s academic career has contributed to the heightened study and application of metallurgy in Canada and around the world, and to enrichment of the University’s reputation for excellence.

Following his undergraduate studies and a PhD from the University, James Toguri extended his studies through an NRC fellowship that took him to the Imperial College of Science and Technology in London, and then to the Institute of Inorganic and Silicate Chemistry in Norway. Toguri then pursued further studies in Chicago and four years at the Noranda Research Centre in Quebec.

This unusually extensive preparation flowered into a seminal career of teaching and research at the University of Toronto.


  • Publication of 180 professional papers, particularly on his special interests in chemical process metallurgy
  • Recognized contributions in the thermodynamics and kinetics of gas-metal-slag-matte reactions and the rescuing of valuable elements from both processing and waste materials
  • Guiding of graduate students and visiting metallurgists in careers of academic and business accomplishment in Canada and around the world
  • Editor of the Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly for 20 years
  • Advisor to associations, corporations and governments, including NRC, on mining and metallurgical research
  • Alcan Award from the Metallurgical Society of the CIM (1979)
  • Extractive Metallurgy Science Award of the AIME (1981)
  • Fellow of the American Society of Metals (1986)
  • CIM Silver Medal (1986)
  • Fellow of the CIM (1988)
  • Canadian Metal Chemistry Award (1990)
  • First Canadian to be elected Fellow of the Norwegian Academy of Technical Sciences (1990)
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (1994)