Traill, John James

BASc, CE, PEng 
0T5 Civil Diploma 

John James Traill made important contributions to Hydro-Electric power development in Ontario. From 1906-1920, he was first an Assistant Professor, then Professor, in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering at the University of Toronto where he taught hydraulics.

He subsequently joined Ontario Hydro where he was responsible for the hydraulic design of the mast of their power plants (1927-1952), including the giant Sir Adam Beck Generating Station No. 2.

Traill was recognized internationally as an authority on hydraulic models, hydraulic turbine tests and procedures and the management of hydraulic resources. He was retained as a consultant in all the provinces and territories of Canada, and his technical papers were presented to many professional associations.


  • Vast power projects took the well-designed shape of his models
  • Member of U of T Senate
  • Robert W. Angus Medal (EIC, 1959)
  • Engineering Medal (APEO, 1964)