Uffen, Robert James

BASc, MASc, PhD, DSc 
4T9 Engineering Physics 
Inducted: 1990 

Prior to his entering the University, Robert Uffen served as a Lieutenant during World War II, 1944-45.  After receiving his Bachelor’s degree, he continued his education, completing his Doctorate in 1952, and then joining the university of Western Ontario as a Professor.  he was appointed Principal, College of Arts and Sciences, 1961-65, and Dean, College of Science, 1965-66.  He became a Member of the science Council of Canada, 1967-71, then continued his academic career at Queen’s University as Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science, 1971-80.

His professional services have encompassed a broad range of duties, serving with the National Research Council of Canada, 1965-66, Member and Chairman, National Defence Research, 1964-69, Chief Advisor on Science to the Cabinet-Privy Council, Member of the Board of Directors-Ontario Hydro, 1971-79, and Member of the Fisheries Research Board.  He was also on the board of Directors-Centre for Resource Studies, and on the Central Committee of Oceans of England.

His many contributions to the academic world and to the field of Engineering have been recognized by his appointment to the Club of Rome and nominations to Fellowships in the Geological Society of America and Association for the Advancement of Science.


•    Served as Lieutenant in World War II
•    Advisor on numerous scientific boards
•    Dean, Faculty of Applied Science, Queen’s University
•    Member, Club of Rome
•    Fellow, Geological Society of America
•    Fellow, Association of advancement of Science