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The Value of Community

Name: Al Qureshi | Program: Engineering | Graduation Year: 9T6 | The long arc of your careers is just beginning. And an arc it will be. I didn’t quite appreciate... Read more »

Family and friends

Name: Donald Pruner | Program: Engineering Physics (Communications) | Graduation Year: 4T9 | As you are about to graduate, you are understandably looking forward to the beginning of your career,... Read more »

Importance of seeking out for help

Name: Ashraful Khan | Program: Mechanical Engineering – BASc and MEng | Graduation Year: 1T5 PEY | I finished my undergrad in 2016 and completed Master this year. So technically... Read more »

Balance life and work – in that order

Name: Raj Joshi | Program: Industrial Engineering | Graduation Year: 8T9 | Work is not life.  Without life there is nothing. Always prioritize life and family first.  At times it’s... Read more »

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