Broad-Based Admissions Program

Broad-Based Admissions Program

Make an impact in the selection of the Class of 2T3

The Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering is looking for exceptional communicators with some hiring experience to assess our pool of undergraduate applicants for this coming year. For the 2019 admissions cycle, students will be asked to submit answers to three questions in both written and short video format as part of a “broad-based admission” program.

This volunteer opportunity requires a commitment of around nine to 11 hours per month from November 1, 2018 until the end of the academic year May 2019. Peak reviewing periods will take place between December and March of 2019. A selection of training session dates will be available in the fall. Training is mandatory for all assessors selected.


Interested alumni must:

  • Have an interest in engineering education
  • Embrace diversity
  • Possess impeccable communication skills
  • Have some experience with interviewing and hiring
  • Willing to commit to admission selection process


Key dates 

  • CV and statement deadline is October 31st, 2018 (Closed)
  • Notification email sent to all applicants, whom applied, regarding selection to participate mid-late September
  • Training sessions will take place on campus and remotely in fall 2018
  • Undergraduate assessments will begin November 2018

For further information, please contact Rosemary Guido, Assistant Registrar, Admissions at or 416-946-7118.

How to volunteer for this opportunity?

All applicants are required to submit a resume or CV and a brief description in their application about why they are interested in this opportunity and what skills/experience they have had that will help them in this role.

Applications are now closed.


Broad-Based Admissions Program overview

For many years, U of T Engineering applicants have completed an online student profile (OSP) as an integral component of the admissions process. The OSP enables the admissions committee to consider non-academic involvement (e.g., extracurricular activities) in their decision-making process.

In 2015, we added a new video submission requirement. Using their own computer and webcam, each applicant must respond to three questions in both written and video format. They are given a randomly selected question and a fixed amount of time to think about their response before having to write or record their response. The entire process takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

Hear what alumni assessors have said in reflection of years past participation:


“I signed up to be an assessor because I recalled from my time on Faculty Council in the late 70’s the lively debate on how to determine who would both have a successful time in U of T Engineering,..and also who would represent the faculty best as they went out into the world of engineering. “

Elaine Campbell, Chemical Engineering 8T0 and retired from AstraZeneca

“The engineering profession is an ever evolving one, and my participation in the admissions process is my small contribution to that evolution. It’s also an opportunity for me to meet new people and learn about assessment criteria.”


“My original motivation was simply to try and contribute back to U of T using my skills gained during years of engineering and operations management.  It has certainly been a worthwhile experience for me… I have found that the question and evaluation process has given me good insights that I can use in my work environment.”

Isaias Teves, Mechanical Engineering 8T8, and VP Operations at PWO

“What I enjoy most about being an assessor is the desire and passion that the applicants express. Seeing how much they want to become a part of U of T Engineering ‎reminds me of all the great friends and times I had during my time at Skule.”


“The experience certainly fulfilled my expectations. I enjoyed the exposure to the opinions and thought process of today’s young minds.  The process was straightforward, thanks to the detailed training and rubrics and the frequent communication.   It was not very difficult to fit the hours needed for the evaluations into my daily schedule, since we were always given reasonable deadlines.”

Costas Giannis, Electrical and Computer Engineering 9T1 MASc, and Senior Manager at Cosmote in Greece