Skule Lunch & Learn Presents: BOLD INNOVATIONS: Engineering Research Highlights

This special event will be featured as part of the Skule Lunch & Learn Series and will showcase the innovative and progressive research currently underway at the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering. With professors from different departments sharing their expertise and research, this event will be an exciting display of the diversity of research […]

Skule Lunch & Learn Presents: An Experimentalist’s View on Trusting AI and Its BFF (Data)

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is now a part of the standard physical scientist's tool kit, and it is regularly used to discover exciting new materials and processes. But A.I.'s are famously fickle, susceptible to data set bias and imbalance, subject to information leakage during training, and reliant on its human to evaluate its performance. Join us […]

Skule Lunch & Learn Presents: The Future of High-Rise Housing: Climate Change Mitigation and Adaption in Existing Residential Towers

High-rise residential buildings are the fastest-growing form of housing in urban regions globally. These buildings already contribute significantly to carbon emissions globally, and they face serious performance challenges with our dramatically changing climate. From transmission of airborne containments to uneven ventilation and summertime overheating, various performance issues continue to plague this building type. Join us […]

Skule Lunch & Learn Presents “Micro-Scale Surgery: Using Magnetic Fields to Control Tiny Robots in the Gut and Brain”

5th Floor Atrium, Myhal centre for Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneuship 55 St. George Street, Toronto, ON, Canada

This event has passed. Thanks to advances in technology and medical research, micro-scale mobile robots now have the ability for 3D motion through the human body. Join us on October 12 as Professor Eric Diller discusses and demonstrates how his tiny machines are controlled remotely using magnetic fields to help with neurosurgery and diagnosis in […]

Skule Lunch & Learn Presents: Risk-Aware Control Theory for Sustainable Cities and Healthcare


This event has passed. Uncertain systems that evolve over time (called stochastic dynamical systems) are all around us. From a patient fighting cancer to the combined sewer system in the city of Toronto, these uncertain systems exist everywhere. Join us this November 9th as Professor Margaret Chapman discusses how theory and engineering together can confront […]


Skule Lunch & Learn “Recycling Electronic Waste: The Extraction, Processing, and Recycling of Rare Earth Elements”


This event has passed. There is a significant global push towards recycling waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) to enable the circular economy. Conventional recycling processes rely on pyrometallurgy or hydrometallurgy. These techniques not only are reagent intensive and often require large consumption of strong acids and organic solvents, but they also produce secondary streams […]