Skule™ Mental Health Bursary

Accessible mental health and wellness support for our students.

Mental health and wellness remain at the forefront for the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering. Especially now, in these unprecedented times, it is critical to provide accessible mental health and wellness support to help our students throughout their engineering journey. These supports play a pivotal role in enabling our students to achieve their potential.

Your donation will go towards this endowed fund to entrench the Skule™ Mental Health Bursary as a priority program that will continue to provide Engineering students with much-needed resources in perpetuity. Part of a suite of mental health and wellness initiatives, this important bursary provides financial aid to Undergraduate Engineering students experiencing challenging or unforeseen circumstances, with particular focus on students in need of increased mental health and wellness financial support including, counselling, training, workshops, peer support groups, therapy sessions, resource guides and more.

To further enhance the fund, both the Engineering Society (EngSoc) and Dean Christopher Yip will each match all contributions to the Skule™ Mental Health Bursary, resulting in a 2:1 match that triples the impact of your gift*

Thank you for your help to continue the culture of care and support at U of T Engineering.

*Donor contributions will be matched at a rate of 2:1, up to a maximum of $50,000 in the first year.


  • All Engineering students


Dean Christopher Yip
Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering

The Engineering Society


Kristin Philpot