Good to be back at Skule: Spring Reunion 2014


U of T Engineering graduates from years ending in “4” or “9” (3T9-0T9) enjoyed a sun-filled weekend participating in Spring Reunion activities around the St. George Campus.

Whether is was a lunch or dinner event, campus tours or compelling lectures, alumni had no shortage of opportunities to reconnect with fellow Skule classmates while becoming reacquainted with their old stomping grounds.

U of T Engineering caught up with a few alumni to find out what Spring Reunion means to them:

“Spring Reunion 2014 is the 25th anniversary of our graduating year, and although a lot of us still get together regularly, it’s a well-organized way to connect with those who we haven’t seen for a few decades. Skule graduates from 4T4, 4T9 and 5T4 attended as well, and we ‘youngsters’ hope to keep coming back in the future for each anniversary.” — Mike Papulkas (CivE 8T9)

“Spring Reunion allows us to share not only in the stories that shaped our lives over the past 50 years but also the memories of our times together between 1960-64. My experience with recalling memories from the past is that even the unpleasant ones no longer seem so, and often provide an opportunity to tell a great story.”
John “Jack” William Brannigan (ChemE 6T4)

“Spring Reunion is a great opportunity to meet old friends and find out what they have been doing. It’s also a chance to see what’s happening on the campus today.” Paul DiNovo (MechE 5T4)

“Ajax in 1946 was unique. Most of us were just out of service and the residences were much like army barracks with semi-private rooms. We met great people. We studied long hours together and most of us managed to graduate in four years. After 68 years there are few of us left and we are fighting against the odds on meeting again in the next reunion five years away.” Jim Bester (ElecE 4T9)

View a slideshow of photos from classes 3T9-8T9

View a slideshow of photos from classes 9T9-0T9 

— Jamie Hunter