Name: Dennis Nabieszko | Program: Engineering | Graduation Year: 7T5 |

To be successful, you need to build relationships with others. You get things done through others. You do things for them. They will do so in return. So many things I was able to get done informally because of those relationships, both formal and informal.

Build a well rounded career and personal life. Do not sacrifice one for the other. Keep it balanced.

When things go badly, and they will, do not despair. I always remembered that in 100 years, none of this would matter. In most cases, none of it mattered in a few days or weeks.

Be willing to always learn, adapt, change, and be open to the impossible. I have seen things done that people said could not be done.

Above all, if you do not enjoy doing something, move on. Life is too short and precious to not enjoy it.

Congratulations to all of you!!!

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