Rookies and Rockstars

Name: George Nowak | Program: Civil Engineering | Graduation Year: 7T3 |

I received two great pieces of advice from the Dean of Civil Engineering at U of T and a senior (Rockstar) professor when I graduated in 1973: 1. “You don’t know anything – you leave here with a hopefully logical mind and everything you will learn in you career will be after you leave here”, and 2. “Go into construction first to see how things are constructed and then go into design”. I followed both pieces of advice and they have served me well. The other fine piece of advice is from Larry King: ” I remind myself each morning that nothing I say today will teach me anything – if I am to learn then I must listen”. So after 47 years since my convocation, and working in what is now 33 countries, I can say that its been blast and the advice is still valid – still working and enjoying my career.

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