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Skulematters is the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering’s annual alumni magazine, published for its alumni, faculty, staff and friends. Each issue is distributed to over 36,000 readers.

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Engineering Alumni News lets you stay current on the latest news and stories from our Skule™ community.

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Ajax alumni with the Cannon Guard Ajax Remembered: Celebrating the legacy of U of T Engineering’s postwar satellite campus - On September 20, 2017, dozens of staff, faculty, students and alumni gathered or "Ajax Remembered," a reception celebrating a truly unique and important era in the Faculty’s history.
Jonny Sun in bushes Aliebn landing: 5 things you didn’t know about alumnus Jonny Sun - To nearly half a million Twitter followers, he’s known as an “aliebn confuesed abot humamn lamgauge.” But before all that, he was Jonathan Sun (EngSci 1T1 + PEY), a U of T Engineering Science student with passions for design, architecture and city building, as well as comedy, poetry and performance.
Matthew Reiner and Mohan Pandit of Rorschach Brewing Hops and dreams: these alumni use their chemical engineering know-how to brew better beer - Chemical engineering alumni-turned-brewers Matthew Reiner (ChemE 1T0) and Mohan Pandit (ChemE 1T0) say their engineering education was "the foundation for understanding everything" about starting a brewery.
Dawn Tattle in front of blueprints Digging deep: A Q & A with alumna and entrepreneur Dawn Tattle - U of T Engineering spoke with alumna Dawn Tattle (CivE 8T5) about founding her company, advice for entrepreneurial alumni and why she’s remained connected to Skule™.
Julie Payette poses in her space suit Julie Payette, astronaut and U of T Engineering alumna, named next Governor General - Julie Payette (ECE MASc 9T0) will succeed David Johnston as the next Governor General of Canada. The U of T Engineering alumna has been to space twice, and is also an accomplished athlete, singer and pianist.

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