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Wishing you many successes

Name: Jeff Vella | Program: Computer Engineering | Graduation Year: 9T5 PEY | Congratulations on your graduation! I am sure that you had a great experience at Skule and will... Read more »

Skulemates really last a lifetime

Name: Stan Gasner | Program: Indy (MIE) | Graduation Year: 6T4 | To the grad class of 2020, I sincerely wish all the best to the class of 2020 from... Read more »

Mental health and the 3 A’s

Name: Inna Sharsf | Program: Engineering Science | Graduation Year: 8T6 | I wish I knew how to better manage stress and anxiety. One of the most powerful techniques I... Read more »

Self Care

Name: Linda Gowman | Program: Mech Eng | Graduation Year: 8T7 | Always make time to look after yourself- enough sleep, good food, and exercise. NO ONE will thank you... Read more »

Rules to Live By

Name: Roger W Jacobs | Program: Industrial Engineering | Graduation Year: 6T4 | 1. Work hard at everything you do 2. Act with Integrity 3. Treat everyone with respect 4.... Read more »

It’s all good…

Name: Howard Kikuta | Program: Mechanical Engineering | Graduation Year: 8T6 | Be courageous and take the opportunity to stretch yourself far, very far – learning is messy, painful, and... Read more »


Name: Eraj Ahmed | Program: MEng | Graduation Year: 1T9 | It is important to take care of yourself… Make sure you spend a lot of time doing things you... Read more »

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