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Unit Operations Lab

A new standard in immersive undergraduate engineering education.

At the core of the Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry’s education and research mission is the Unit Operations Lab (Unit Ops), one of the Faculty’s flagship laboratory facilities. Located in the Wallberg Building, the lab provides students with practical, hands-on experience on an industry-relevant scale.

Our vision is to drive the continued evolution of the Unit Ops Lab as one of the foremost chemical engineering teaching labs in the world. The revitalized facility will include modern instrumentation and automation capability, with an outward focus on the wide variety of industry sectors that employ chemical engineers. It will be the Faculty’s premier wet lab, servicing undergraduate students from ChemE as well as MIE, CivMin, MSE and EngSci.

Phase 1 of the project, which involved recruiting two professors to lead second- and third-year labs, is now complete. Phase 2 will focus on physical renovations including improved ventilation, acquisition of new experimental equipment and the modernization of the distillation column. This critical update is only possible through strategic philanthropic support.


  • Undergraduate students


Tim Bender (ChemE) &
Ariel Chan (ChemE)


Kristin Philpot

Support Opportunties

Individual donations of any amount help to support the ongoing modernization of the Unit Ops Lab

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