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Open minded

Name: John Roeleveld | Program: Geological Engineering | Graduation Year: 8T7 | Be open minded to new opportunities: after completing my Engineer-in-Training program at my first job I was asked... Read more »

Run to the Future

Name: Joseph Yao | Program: M.ENG | Graduation Year: 8T1 | New Graduates, Congratulations! One of the best pieces of advice I got when I started working was to read... Read more »

Measuring Change and Value

Name: David Colcleugh | Program: Chemical Engineering | Graduation Year: 5T9 | When I graduated from U of T Engineering I thought my career success would be the result of... Read more »

Be resilient, and make things happen!

Name: Loui Pappas | Program: Civil Engineering | Graduation Year: 8T8 | See these times as a test in resilience. It’s the first of many challenges in your career. Start... Read more »

Networking Is Valuable in Your Career!

Name: Michael Harrison | Program: Eng Phys – Electronic | Graduation Year: 5T2 | If I knew how important networking was before I graduated I’d have done more. March 1952... Read more »

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