If I Knew Then...

Skule Alumni share their advice and best wishes with the 2T0 & 2T1 graduating classes.


We asked alumni "What wisdom or advice would you share with your younger self, if you could travel back in time?"

Read their heartfelt answers below, submitted as a gift to their Skulemates.

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Seek a variety of experience early on

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Name: John Sun | Program: Engineering Science | Graduation Year: 8T9 | If I was doing things over, I’d seek as much variety of work experience as early in my career as possible: – Work for a high tech startup. – If working for a larger corporation seek assignments in different functions, different regions, even… Read more »

Say Yes!

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Name: Heba Chehade | Program: Chemical Engineering | Graduation Year: 0T0 PEY | In your work and career, always say yes! Yes to every opportunity to gain experience and explore your strengths. Don’t think you can’t do it or you don’t know.  You can do anything with the right mentor.  You can learn if you… Read more »


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Name: Xavier Tang | Program: Industrial | Graduation Year: 0T9 PEY | I’m lucky enough to have led a career and personal life that has balanced each other well so far. Probably more inadvertently than consciously, I think I’ve managed to work hard when it was needed and gave myself permission to ”let off the… Read more »

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