If I Knew Then...

Skule Alumni share their advice and best wishes with the 2T2 graduating classes.


We asked alumni "What wisdom or advice would you share with your younger self, if you could travel back in time?"

Read their heartfelt answers below, submitted as a gift to their Skulemates.

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It’s never too early to start networking!

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Name: Kendrick Lo | Program: Engineering Science | Graduation Year: 9T4 | What advice would I have given my younger self at graduation, knowing what I know now? That’s an… Read more »

Measuring Change and Value

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Name: David Colcleugh | Program: Chemical Engineering | Graduation Year: 5T9 | When I graduated from U of T Engineering I thought my career success would be the result of… Read more »

I learned about opportunity

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Name: Leon Rudanycz | Program: B.A.Sc. (Civil Engineering) | Graduation Year: 7T8 | …You will almost never regret the opportunities that you take advantage of but you will almost always… Read more »

The beginning of your own journey

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Name: Zhaoying Zoey Wu | Program: Civil and Mineral Engineering | Graduation Year: 1T9 | Congratulations to the new graduates! Your new beginning will start wherever you go.  I do… Read more »

Every new situation brings opportunities

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Name: Munir Ahmed | Program: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering | Graduation Year: 9T8 | Be brave and adventurous, you will be on a winning side. There is always ease after… Read more »

Ask questions, and ask lots of them!

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Name: Jasmine Choi | Program: EngSci Aero | Graduation Year: 1T4 PEY | I used to think that school was the only safe space to ask questions, and once you… Read more »

Be Quick But Don’t Hurry

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Name: Arunas Slekys | Program: Electrical Engineering | Graduation Year: 6T8 | Hello fellow grads. I’m a voice from the last century: a 6T8er…Now what would this older dude have… Read more »

Find Joy in Learning

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Name: Andrew Chan | Program: Mech Eng | Graduation Year: 8T9 | I have worked for 30 years in many different fields and ended up being a CEO and Chairman… Read more »

Embrace the unexpected

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Name: Sandeep Mulgund | Program: Engineering Science | Graduation Year: 8T9 | Congratulations U of T graduates! All of you are graduating amid circumstances rather different than anything you could… Read more »

It’s all good…

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Name: Howard Kikuta | Program: Mechanical Engineering | Graduation Year: 8T6 | Be courageous and take the opportunity to stretch yourself far, very far – learning is messy, painful, and… Read more »

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