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Keep an Open Mind Towards Learning

Name: Martin Grech | Program: Civil | Graduation Year: 9T5 | Congratulations on this amazing achievement! Absorb the moment, albeit unique, and make the best of something you have worked... Read more »

Seek a variety of experience early on

Name: John Sun | Program: Engineering Science | Graduation Year: 8T9 | If I was doing things over, I’d seek as much variety of work experience as early in my... Read more »

Say Yes!

Name: Heba Chehade | Program: Chemical Engineering | Graduation Year: 0T0 PEY | In your work and career, always say yes! Yes to every opportunity to gain experience and explore... Read more »


Name: Xavier Tang | Program: Industrial | Graduation Year: 0T9 PEY | I’m lucky enough to have led a career and personal life that has balanced each other well so... Read more »

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