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Name: Brian Clark | Program: Industrial Engineering | Graduation Year: 7T0 | I’m seventy-three years old. Here’s what I know… Workplace — If you do not enjoy going to work... Read more »


Name: Murtaza Bohra | Program: Eng Sci – Aerospace | Graduation Year: 1T2 | The most important thing I got out of my education was the ability to educate myself.... Read more »

Be positive and honest

Name: Mehdi Emami Far | Program: M.Eng | Graduation Year: 1T3 | Learn and understand deeply your courses were not for marks. Find a job that you are happy with…Work... Read more »

It’s never too early to start networking!

Name: Kendrick Lo | Program: Engineering Science | Graduation Year: 9T4 | What advice would I have given my younger self at graduation, knowing what I know now? That’s an... Read more »

The beginning of your own journey

Name: Zhaoying Zoey Wu | Program: Civil and Mineral Engineering | Graduation Year: 1T9 | Congratulations to the new graduates! Your new beginning will start wherever you go.  I do... Read more »

Ask questions, and ask lots of them!

Name: Jasmine Choi | Program: EngSci Aero | Graduation Year: 1T4 PEY | I used to think that school was the only safe space to ask questions, and once you... Read more »

Be Quick But Don’t Hurry

Name: Arunas Slekys | Program: Electrical Engineering | Graduation Year: 6T8 | Hello fellow grads. I’m a voice from the last century: a 6T8er…Now what would this older dude have... Read more »

Find Joy in Learning

Name: Andrew Chan | Program: Mech Eng | Graduation Year: 8T9 | I have worked for 30 years in many different fields and ended up being a CEO and Chairman... Read more »

The Circle of Concern vs the Circle of Influence

Name: Michael Cuddy | Program: Engineering | Graduation Year: 8T0 | I graduated 40 years ago, and entered the workforce. On this day, 40 years later, my advice for graduates... Read more »

World of Opportunity

Name: Gord Zwaigenbaum | Program: Chemical Engineering | Graduation Year: 6T7 | Kudos to the new graduates who are being honoured at Engineering Convocation Day at the great University of... Read more »

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